Goodnight From District 12
Team Peeta or Team Gale?

So people keep asking me team Peeta or Team Gale? Well I think I will just explain to you how my picking for the teams went. Just to let you know there will be spoilers so if you haven’t read the books DO NOT READ THIS. Anyways I know there are going to be people out there like really teams, that’s so Twilight. Well to be truthfully honest I HATED TWILIGHT. There I said it I hate Twilight. So its kinda fun to do teams with a book/movie I actually like. And in case you were wondering about what team I was during Twilight I was team shut up and go home no one cares about Twilight. Haha so anyways here we go :)

  • So I started off as Team Gale as I am sure many did. When Peeta confessed that he loved Katniss during his interveiw I was like awwwww, but it wasn’t enough for me. 
  • BUT….  as soon as the cave scene in the book hit I knew at that moment I would forever be Team Peeta :D
  • Yeah well that didn’t last long once I saw Cato’s sweet side during the feast. When Clove called out for him and he came running, I knew he wasn’t the heartless beast everyone said he was. At that point I became Team Cato
  • Honestly I stayed Team Cato in till his death, because at that point I started noticing Peeta’s sweet side again.
  • I know what your thinking MAKE UP YO MIND!!! Well I was too at that moment in the series. 
  • After they left the Arena I became Team Peeta again, but only because I felt sympathy for him after what Katniss did to him.
  • Then I had known I had made up my mind for sure…. well thats what I thought at least :P
  • I started reading Catching Fire soon after (like 5 mintues after) and I was still Team Peeta
  • Then it came to the 75th Hunger Games and meeting Finnick Odair. He was describes so perfectly and had a heart of Gold. At that moment I then became Team Finnick :)
  • During Catching Fire I was only Team Finnick and I loved him.
  • But then came Mockingjay…..
  • Finnick wasn’t that huge of a deal and Peeta was out of the picture being hijacked by the Capital.
  • It seemed Gale was the only one there for Katniss during this time so I then became Team Gale.
  • After Gale’s bombs kill Prim I hated his guts and never liked him again. I didn’t really have a team after that (well except Team Primrose in honor of her death). Then Peeta came back to 12 and feel in love with Katniss, and Katniss loved him back.
  • Then and finally I knew I had made up my mind…..
  • I would forever be team………… Team Peeta :)

So yeah hope this answers some of your questions :) Now tell me who’s team are you?

I want to Apologize to Amanda Stenberg and Dayo Okeniyi

Hey guys so I know I normally don’t just post on here except for the head cannons and fanfics I do, but I have been seeing a lot of stuff out there and its starting to tick me off. So I wanted to say something about it. I am not talking about certain people I am just talking about rude and messed up people in our Hunger Games Fandom. Any way let me just tell you guys what is happening. I am getting tired of the people insulting Amanda Stenberg (Rue) and Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh). I keep seeing comments like “well the Hunger Games are going to be a bad movie sense the tributes from 11 are black…”

I mean really guy!?!?! REALLY!?!?!?! Yes they are black, and so what? They both are like you and me. I honestly don’t think it matters what color skin the actors were. No one seemed to care there were Asians in the movie, so why do you care that Thresh and Rue are black. I mean people were appalled that I cried over Rues death… and when I asked why… because she was black. How stupid is that?!?! I think that Dayo and Amanda made the perfect Thresh and Rue. They are both amazing actors and were both fit for the roles perfectly.

I mean please show me where in the book it says that the two tributes from 11 are white, because I don’t see it. What if the had made the Katniss and Peeta black. Would you not watch the movie then? Have you noticed how racist america is, and this is just another proof of it.

 I want to say sorry to Dayo Okeniyi and Amanda Stenberg. I am sorry that there are messed up people in this world who think its wrong that you two are black. Personally I love you both and hope you take none of this to heart. I hope you two remember that there are people out there who love you and think you are amazing. 

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Katniss Comes Home

“Katniss” I scream running up to her. “Prim” she opens up her arms and I give her a hug. I hold on to her tighter then I ever had “don’t leave me again Katniss.” I start to cry and she hugs me “I wouldn’t think about it Little Duck.” Seeing her smile at me made me feel so much better. I didn’t want her to leave. Seeing her fighting with people just so she could come back to me. It just didn’t make me feel right. It should have been me fighting. Me going up on that stage instead of her. She finally lets me go, but I’m still latched on to her. “Prim I have to go” she pushes the hair out of my face “I will see you at home, I promise.” I nod and watch her walk towards Peeta. I see her whisper to him and they grab hands.

“Primrose” I hear Gale scream through the crowd at the station. I just stand there motionless. Once he finally reaches me he pats me on the back “she kept her promise, she came back just for you.” I look up to see him smiling at me. “Now I have orders to take you home and there we will meet up with Katniss” Gale grabs my hand and we walk home together. I stare out the window of our new house. I just sit there, the way I did during the games. After the feast I knew I couldn’t watch anymore of the games. I would just walk over the the window and look out. From mintues to hours it just seemed like the world would fade away from me. I always dreamed of a better world, with Katniss, my Mother and of coarse my Father. Where we could be free from the capitol, free from the games, free from everything.

As I peer out the window I see Katniss walk up with Peeta. She lets go of his hand. No words are said to each other. Katniss looks mad and Peeta just looks depressed. What happened to the perfectly happy couple that used to be? I never saw what happened between them in the arena, but I know from what I heard, he loved my sister more then anything. It warmed my heart to know inside that if something happened it would be with someone she cared about and who cared about her. All of the sudden I hear the door slam. “Katniss” my Mother says with a great happiness in her voice. I open my door and walk downstairs. Katniss is just standing in the doorway. She is motionless, speechless, nothing happening. Then it hits me. She has been through the games. She has seen things that no one could ever imagine. She in still in shock. “Katniss” my Mother says. Her voice has gotten a hint of concern in it “are you okay?”

She just looks around the room, first at Gale, the my Mother, and then at me. She breaks into tears and runs past me and up the stairs. I hear a door slam. “Mom” I ask. I know my voice is shaky and I know she can hear it. She walks up behind me and pats me on the back “its going to take time Prim.”

Clove and Cato’s Last Day

 “Clove did you find her” I ask sitting on the ground throwing leaves into our fire. “No she and lover boy must be off in the woods somewhere.” Clove rolls her eyes at me and sits down across from me. “So who’s left” I ask tossing a piece of bread from our sponsors. “Well it’s us, 12, Thresh, and that girl from 5” she takes a bite off of the bread. “And Marvel died earlier right” I ask. “Yeah” She gets up and walks over to her pack “why do you care?” “Well I just know that he was going to have to die anyways so now would be better then later” I stand up and wipe the leave crumbs of my butt.

Clove turns around holding her knife “and what if that rule could go for you too?” She steps closer to the fire and I can see the smile on her face. “Clove” I stop in my spot “you can’t do that.” I look at her and she throws a knife at the tree next to me “Cato, I think I can.” I see her pull out another knife “Clove you need me.” “Is that a hint of fear I hear in that voice” a smirk runs across her face. “Clove you heard the announcement” I slowly move around the fire “that leaves us and 12. We can win this if we try.” She starts to slowly move around the fire too “You’re right” she says “but we all know you always preferred Glimmer over me.” I stop in my tracks hearing this “I never meet her before the games…. yeah we were friends but I always loved you more…. protecting you was my one main goal….” She stops right then too “Cato don’t lie to me.” She steps closer to me and my heart starts to beat really fast.

All of the sudden an announcement comes on over the speaker. “There will be a feast in the morning” I hear Claudius’s voice over the speaker “this will have one supply that every district needs.” That brings a sigh of relief to me “Clove let me prove it to you…. at the feast.” I take a step back and lose my balance “I will go for you if that helps….. you might be faster but I don’t care.” She steps closer and closer to me and has an evil smile across her face “Cato, I’m going to the feast by myself. Because you won’t be there.”

I turn around and grab the sward under me “CLOVE STOP” I scream and hold the sward out in front of me. She laughs “Cato, you honestly think you can kill me before I lodge this dagger into your heart?” I put the sward down “you’re right Clove I can’t.” She looks at me and a smile goes across her face. “I can’t kill you I love you…. I need to show you….. just let me then you can kill me” I just stare at her. I can’t believe I just said that to her. “No Cato. I can’t get attached to you” she takes a step back “I’m not gonna let you play with my heart.”

“But Clove” I take a few steps closer to her “you know how you really feel about me.” She puts down the dagger “I don’t know what you mean by that.” I grab her hand “people call you heartless but I know you aren’t… the way you treated me that day back in two showed me that.” She pulled her hand away “what day?” She looks around “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” “Clove no one is here” I said to her “they are headed for the feast you can admit it.” She just stares at me. “I have nothing to admit” she whispers.

“Fine be like that” I pick up her dagger and hand it to her “we are going to miss the feast and our one valuable item will be taken….. go get it I will have your back the entire time to make sure no one kills you.” I grab my sward “then if u wish you have permission to kill me.” She looks at her dagger and then at me “alright.” She get closer to me and whispers in my ear “I’m going alone.” She walks off and I didn’t say anything in till….

“CLOVE” I scream. She turns around “what!?!?” I run up to her “you need anything I won’t be far just scream and I’ll be there I won’t let you die.” She looks up and me and whispers “Thank you.” “Bye Clove” I give her a hug. She pushes away “Bye Cato see you when I get back.”

It had been at least fifteen minutes now and I knew she must have already been there. There was no cannon fire yet so that was a good sign. I knew she could take Kalip or whatever her name was, and the girl from 5 was no worries to her. My only problem was Thresh. The only one that could take her. I start heading to the cornucopia feeling uneasy about something. After about ten minutes I see the cornucopia and Clove has the girl from 12 pined to the ground. “Yes” I said in my head “one less to go.” I deiced everything would be fine, I knelled down being a bush and sit. I wait and wait for a cannon to go off, but it never does.

That was the moment I heard a shriek. It wasn’t just a shriek, it was the shriek I heard that day in district two with Clove. It was at that moment it hit me. CLOVE!

“CATO” she screamed “CATO!” I ran out of the wood seeing her lying in the ground. I don’t even turn to see what happened to Thresh or the others. I knell down beside her and grab her hand. “Clove” I feel a tear run down my face. “Cato” she says weakly. This is the weakest I have ever heard her. “Cato, just kill me” she says a stream of blood running down her temple. “No Clove I can’t I don’t have the heart” I push her beautiful black hair out of her face. “Cato it’s to late we all know I’m not going to make it” for the first time in years I hear compassion in her voice. “Clove I won’t let you die” I say wiping a tear from my eye. “Cato….. I…. I… lo…….” The cannon fires. “Clove” I suddenly feel weak. I haven’t ever felt like this before. “Clove I love you” I gently kiss her on the cheek. “I will never love another girl like that again” I say to myself. I get up and run. I just run as far as I can go…

Today at Practice
Friend: 1 day
Me: Oh my freaking stars *JUMPS UP AND DOWN*
Friend: You are obsessed with the Hunger Games
Me: Yeah I am a tad obsessed...
Friend: A tad?
Me: Well at least I admitted it :P
Peeta’s First Day

 “Peeta?” My father pats me on the back. “Yes dad” I look up at him. “Do you see that girl over there Peeta” he asked me. He points his finger to the prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life. She had perfect brown hair braided into two braids down her back and was wearing a really pretty plaid dress. At that moment I knew it was true love. “Yeah dad I see her” trying not to make it obvious that I think I might love her already. “Do you see how pretty she is” he said smiling at me. “Oh no” I thought to myself “he can tell.” I try to cover it up “yeah she pretty I guess.” He looked at me his smiling fading a little. “Well her mother is just as beautiful” he said putting his arm around me “and I was going to marry her.” His voice got distant and I could tell he was nervous about telling me. All I know is a look of confusion ran across my face “what happened dad?”

He looked at me and the words came out “she feel in love with a coal miner.” For a second I thought it was a joke, in till I saw the look on my fathers face. “Why did she choose a miner over you” I ask him. He looked at me and said “It’s because he could sing.” As soon as I heard this I knew it had to be a joke. “Really dad” I ask him trying not to laugh just in case he wasn’t kidding. “Yes Peeta it is true” he smiled at me “every time he would sing it was like all the birds stopped to listen too.”

I didn’t know what to think. I look over at this perfect girl. Could she be just like he father? If she is then I have no chance with her. “Time for class” I hear a teacher call.

“Bye dad” I scream running inside. I walk into my class room to find this perfect little girl sitting there. I take my seat next to my friend Leevy. “Hey Peeta” she smiles at me. I smile at her “hey Leevy.” Our teacher walks into the room. She is tall and wearing a simple blue dress.

“Welcome students” she said smiling at us. She tells us a lot about herself and then makes us go around the room and introduce ourselves. Once this gets around to the girl I am deeply listing to every word she says. “My name is Katniss Everdeen and I love my family” her voice is soft but very clear and beautiful. “Katniss Everdeen” that name runs through my mind, in till Leevy nudges me in the side with her elbow. “What” I hiss at her quietly. “It’s your turn Peeta” she said shocked I snapped at her. “Oh” I say out loud “my name is Peeta Mallark and I love bread.” The class burst out laughing. All except for Katniss, I could see she looked at me and smiled. That made my entire day.

After that our teacher sits us in a circle. “So who knows the Vally song” she ask. Katniss’s hand shoots up in the air as fast as lightning. “Okay Katniss you can come and sing it for us then” the teacher helps her up on the stool. Once she starts singing, I can hear her voice is flawless. The other thing I noticed is all the birds have stopped chirping.

At that moment I knew I was a goner…

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